Immersion programs
Building pathways to inclusion & understanding

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Immersive Disability Experience

Participants get a first hand, immersive, experience of what it’s like to navigate the world with a disability

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Mentors Living with

The participant’s experience is overseen by disability community members, which creates the space of shared story and relationship

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Learning Framework &

Our programs are built from evidence based components, designed to deliver deep and lasting impact


Our foundational program is Beyond the Chair.

  • Participants get into wheelchairs to experience the world through the lens of disability.
  • Our mentors who live with disability share their stories and guide the experience.

  • We provide an evidence based learning framework to make meaning of the experience and transfer learning to life beyond the chair.

What Drives Us

We believe, despite so many global headlines centered on conflict and polarity, that most people want to create a more inclusive and understanding world and that they are searching for ways to do that.

We believe that we have a choice to either fuel the notion of ‘Us and Them’, of ‘Me and the Other’ or alternatively, to actively seek ways to ‘unOther’.

Our mission is to create new pathways and new lenses for people to come as a guest into a marginalised community, to share stories and experiences, to develop deeper understanding and a more inclusive society.

unOther testimonials

Program Testimonials.

"To say our boys responded with ‘wonderment and awe’ is an understatement. In our new immersion program, incorporating a variety of activities, Beyond the Chair came up on top in their eyes. It was real testimony to the team that, when covid hit again and we were not able to run our intended program, they adapted their work and brought our boys a truly wonderful experience."

SIAN Kennedy - director of identity, Nudgee COllege

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