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Why unOther

Our world is so often framed in terms of Us and Them.
This framing is at the root of injustice, because it supports the idea that certain people are in some way, less than me.
They are ‘the other’.

unOther is about learning to look past the labels that shape ‘Us and Them’. 
unOther is about learning to explore the world as a connected community where we all share an innate dignity.

Program Impact

A truly transformational, evidence based, immersive experience  designed to drive attitudinal change.


Students learn to identify barriers that exist in society, they learn to see past labels and more importantly they build the confidence and capacity to engage, not only with people who live with disability but with people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and life situations.

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Learning Framework - UnOther

Learning Framework

The world of disability is our entry point to exploring ways that people can be marginalised or limited by societal structures and attitudes. This learning then transfers to other marginalised communities and also to the day-to-day interactions we have with people from all walks of life.

Our experiential learning framework is based on doctoral research and lessons we’ve learned delivering unOther programs since 2021.

Learning Framework - UnOther

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