unOther Studio

The team at unOther believe that storytelling can foster a more inclusive and accessible society – by amplifying the voices of people that otherwise aren’t heard. Besides, who doesn’t like an entertaining yarn? unOther Studio was created so that we could share such stories… to entertain, inspire, and make society a little more understanding. 

Powering Up (production)

The Poweroos are taking on the world. As the team prepares for the Powerchair Football World Cup, players battle for selection and for the elite performance required to be serious contenders. Their biggest battle, however, is fought every day, against a world that wasn’t built for them, nor understands them. There’s also the battle for acceptance within the Paralympic movement. So far, they’ve been denied because almost every player in the sport takes banned performance enhancing drugs – just to stay alive. If they can succeed, at every level, they’ll change the world.

With confirmed interest from 10Play, we’re currently seeking support and financing to produce this as a feature length documentary. Please reach out to to lend your support!