Program Impact

Program Testimonials

Gregory Terrace

“Within our school context it’s really important that we provide a holistic education. It’s not just about the academics, or the co-curricular, it all comes together in that bigger perspective of who am I, and what does that mean to communicate and put myself out there in the world?

We were excited to connect with Beyond the Chair as it was an opportunity for students to have a tangible experience, to walk in someone else’s experiences. That means that they can take that small little step and learn about how to be empathetic and move in solidarity with someone else.”

andrew stormouth - program leader campus ministry

Brigidine College

“I think the girls will go away with a deeper sense of awareness about themselves and a deeper sense of what is going on around them.

There’s a real sense of the creativity, the possibility, and the hope the program brings, and the notion of ‘I can’t’ vs ‘I can’ was specifically addressed today. This program really allows us to identify who we are, our weaknesses and move forward into the ‘I can’ area - and that is marvellous.”

andrew beiers - deputy principal mission

Nudgee College

"Each September we run an Immersion program for our Year 10 cohort, which amounts to approximately 260 boys. The theme for our program is the words from Nelson Mandela ‘ If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, it goes to his heart.”

We were introduced to the idea of working with Beyond the Chair as part of our our 2021 immersion program. It very quickly became evident that this program would become a wonderful partnership. The Beyond the Chair team spoke with such passion about their work and were committed to the ideals within which were working at the College.

To say our boys responded with ‘wonderment and awe’ is an understatement. In our new immersion program, incorporating a variety of activities, Beyond the Chair came up on top in their eyes. It was real testimony to the team that, when covid hit again and we were not able to run our intended program, they adapted their work and brought our boys a truly wonderful experience. We very much look forward to working with the team on their ’full’ program in 2022. I would commend their passion, commitment and flexibility to you all. They are wonderful!."

sian kennedy - director of identity
"This really is a life changing experience for anyone"
Brigidine College
“ You had to sit in the chair for a long time, and you just get stared at, people can get the feeling that they are getting constantly judged “
Gregory Terrace
“This experience will shape me for sure, At university there are going to be many types of people that I’ve never met before so approaching them as a guest in conversation and taking time to get to know them before the situation that they are in, and becoming friends before knowing them as a person with a disability. “
Brigidine College
“ This experience really changes my point of view on everything, and I think that will stay with me forever“
Gregory Terrace
“ When Dan & Tristam were sharing their stories about going out on weekends and going to music festivals and stuff, it just made them appear way more normal than what some people would see them as. “
Gregory Terrace
“ To be in a room with all these kids engaging with us, and listening to what matters most to us, was phenomenal. We found common ground with them, we empathise with them, they empathise with us. “
Tristam Peters