Our Team

Dr Damien Price cFc

Dr Damien Price

Consultant / Facilitator

Br Damien Price has engaged in the importance of linking core concepts associated with Service Learning and the Service Learning experience itself for many years. Damien is convinced that the true, deeper and more lasting learning takes place when concepts are identified and associated with the learning experience and the experience itself is reflected upon through the lens of those concepts.

Damien’s Doctoral research supports this thesis. Damien has been engaged with working with the homeless community, disadvantaged youth and refugees and asylum seekers for many years
Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson

Consultant / Mentor

Knowing the journey of what lies ahead of her, Tracey has   managed to come out the other side with a fierce determination to live life like there’s no tomorrow.

After taking up shooting in 2013, making the Australian Para-shooting team, travelling the world and our beautiful country, winning a bucket load of medals and titles, her message to all is  the idea of  being able to accomplish anything, if you want it bad enough.

Tristam Peters

Consultant / Mentor

Tristram is marketer and content creator, living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

He works for Clickability, an online platform that connects NDIS participants with providers, and hosts the Grow Bold and What Are You Staring At? podcasts, which use the power of storytelling to raise awareness and smash stereotypes. He’s also an avid powerchair footballer, playing for the Australian Poweroos and developing the sport in the Asia Pacific Oceania region.

Martin Gibbons


Martin has a background in digital media and video production with a focus on the power of storytelling to make a positive difference in the world.

It was through producing stories on Tristram, Tracey and a number of their peers that the initial idea for Beyond the Chair began to take shape. Martin is dedicated to building and supporting  a team of exceptional people who bring to life the philosophy of unOther.

Joe Darcy


Joe also has a background in digital media and video production.

After an off the cuff  comment Tracey made while on set about putting kids in chairs at schools,   Joe took his two basketball crazy sons to a wheelchair sports night with Suncoast Spinners.  The impact of these experiences combined with years of working with Damien Price on education and immersion projects, were the foundation for bringing together the unOther team and creating the first Beyond the Chair program.