Our Language

At unOther we are excited to be part of a global movement towards greater understanding and appreciation of people from all backgrounds and situations.  We acknowledge the power of words and we know that as we grow as a society, our language will also grow.  
‘Disability’ is a word which will likely be replaced by language which more appropriately acknowledges the unique gifts and abilities of people who have, until now, been labeled as disabled.  
For now, we’re using the word ‘disability’ because it’s easy for people to understand what we’re talking about.  But we’ll play our small part in changing perceptions around ‘disabled’.  Terms like ‘differently abled’ and ‘inter-abled’ are likely to take over and eventually we expect to have an amicable breakup with the word disability. 
Our team is keen to be part of the broader discussion around the language of disability as well as language that applies to any other marginalised community. So if you’d like talk to us about words, we’re all ears.